Dr. James S.C. and Mrs. Ruth Mulan Chu Chao Award for Change

Made at the 2010 Asian Harvard Alumni Summit to Support the “Elevate Pitch Competition”

Harvard hosted its first Asian Harvard Alumni Summit in 2010. The summit’s goal was to bring Asian-American faculty, students, staff and alumni together for a couple of days of networking, panel discussions and social gatherings. The highlight of the Summit was the Elevate Pitch Competition.

The “elevate pitch” competition showcases aspiring Asian-American entrepreneurs across a wide variety of industries and academic disciplines. Projects can be new startups, artistic works ready for publication, campaigns for social change, or novel technologies waiting for marketing, patenting and/or mass distribution. Semi-finalists appear before a panel of experts via a web conference. The Live Pitch took place during the Asian Harvard Alumni Summit. While the competition is open to teams of individuals, at least one member of the team must be an Asian-American student, teacher, alumnus, or staff of one of the colleges of Harvard University.