Angela Chao Headlines Guangzhou Daily

May 2017

The May 18 edition of Guangzhou Daily ran a feature story on Angela Chao and her family. Referring to Angela’s career as one of the few Chinese-American women in shipping, the article presented readers with a special story about the impressive accomplishments of Dr. James S.C. Chao and his daughters.

Angela Chao is the youngest of her siblings and serves as Deputy Chair of the company her father founded, the Foremost Group. Unlike her sisters, she was born in the United States, nevertheless, she was always encouraged to learn about her ancestral culture and nurture her Chinese roots. As a result, Angela became fluent in Chinese and made frequent trips to China as she was growing up. Her parents inspired her to draw strength from both of her cultures and use their combined advantages as foundations for her personal success.

Dr. James S.C. Chao, now 89 years old, left his native homeland of China to continue his education in America. Leaving behind his family and arriving with virtually nothing by way of resources, Dr. Chao utilized his prior academic accomplishments and unwavering determination to build what would ultimately become one of the largest shipping and trade companies in the world. He became a lifelong model for the six Chao daughters, all of whom earned their undergraduate degrees at Ivy League schools. Angela and three of her sisters attended Harvard Business School. It was such an impressive record that even President Bush once asked Dr. and Mrs. Chao to share their parenting secrets.

A successful family business did not mean that the Chao daughters led a life of privilege. They worked and established their own financial independence. Angela Chao said that it is her hope that she will carry forward the legacy of her parents who worked so hard to foster US-China exchange, understanding, and cooperation.

Below is a translation of the Guangzhou Daily news article featuring Angela Chao:

Ms. Angela A. Chao, Chinese-American Queen of Ships -- “Grateful for my parents' education to all of my sisters and me.”

Ms. Angela A. Chao is the daughter of 89-year-old Dr. James S.C. Chao. He started his life in America as a student who worked himself through school at a Chinese restaurant and went on to earn his MBA and thereon to building his shipping empire from scratch. All six sisters of the Chao family went to Ivy League schools and four of them went to Harvard Business School. President Bush once asked Dr. and Mrs. Chao for their secrets of parenting success.

The Chao family is affluent, but all the daughters learned to earn their own money, be independent, and work hard from a young age. The sisters rode school buses together, did their chores together and even mowed the lawn and paved the driveway (over 100-feet long) all by themselves. Every time Dr. Chao invited guests to their house, the sisters would always serve the guests tableside. Although Angela is the youngest and born in the US, her parents never let her forget about her Chinese roots. She has been visiting China since she was eight years old and speaks fluent Chinese. She hopes to be a bridge to facilitate US-China understanding and exchanges and fulfill her parents’ hopes and expectations.